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  • Pepe will become the leading role of the Madrid Derby

    This is perhaps pepe eventually a in Madrid Derby, and before the race start, real Madrid fans sang: "pepe into a ball, pepe into a ball... ". Cross a free-kick, this time real Madrid will be the ball goal net is not ramos, bear perhaps cristiano ronaldo, but Portugal international pepe. 19 times in Madrid Derby, pepe's achievement is 13-4-2, aspen newspaper praised said after the game, pepe play a great race...
  • Is Hu Yanbin your son-in-law? Zheng Shuang: it's over

    Recently, Zheng Shuang self released in micro-blog, not only opened the trumpet, and the other is mutual friends, in the form of Q & A, interact with friends. And Zheng Shuang's father, Zheng Chenghua, also in the form of questions and answers to answer a lot of questions about the Zheng Shuang. April 11th, there are friends in micro-blog to Zheng Shuang dad asked: "in the end is not your son-in-law in the end," Hu Yanbin. Yes, it's not." Zheng Shuang dad replied simply, is already the past, old news do not mention."
  • "Fast and furious 8" will play new height and street racing

    Will be released on April 14, the fast and the furious 8 "(hereinafter referred to as the" super 8 ") was held in wuhan yesterday see will ahead of time. Paul walker died, "super 8" became "the three baldheaded" alliance. Quality of the production is not inferior in the speed of 7 "super 8", could eventually break the speed 7 at the box office record, is currently the industry's most looking forward to. Continue: drag racing scene play out of the pattern Every fashionable whole world commercial popcorn...
  • Penalty is the most difficult? This season's champions league teams have 20 penalty missed free throw

    In three games in the champions league knockout early this morning, three the referee made the penalty award, however, only Glenn boltzmann penalty penalty, vidal and kick from the penalty spot partial than mourinho. This season's champions league teams have missed penalty, 20 for the first time in the history of the champions league. Last season, have won the champions league teams in the past two years 94 penalty, but scored only 57, penalty shot only 61%, which is in the champions league history...
  • Turkish giants fenerbahce inverse attack

    Beijing time, in the morning on April 13, 2016-2017 season ended semi-final for the Turkish women's volleyball team super league. First leg was YiSaJi, zero after sealing, Jin Yan jiing fenerbahce in times of war, led by successful turnaround. Fenerbahce in the life and death battle sent main Jin Yan jiing, natalia, had the bart, IDA, meet uz LuPeiLi, Williams canute Sarah and double libero M - il horse, baylor's.
  • Shaheen: 1-3 behind, I told his teammates must into another

    In this round of the champions league game, Dortmund 2-3 defeat at Monaco, borussia Dortmund twice in two goals behind, but more than showing the unyielding spirit, especially in the second half to create the opportunity many times. The final stage of the evidence for the 1-1 draw into 2-3, after the borussia Dortmund midfielder shaheen said valuable sweet sichuan's company's goals. Attacks happened yesterday, I don't want this happen to anyone. After yesterday's event...
  • The champions league - Glenn boltzmann earn scoring Atletico Madrid home 1-0 against leicester city

    Beijing time on April 13 02:45, 2016/17 uefa champions league quarter-final game competed at the calderon stadium, atletico Madrid 1-0 victory at leicester city, atletico Madrid full siege, Glenn boltzmann penalty and punishment into himself. The fifth time the two teams play in the champions league, after atletico Madrid unbeaten three wins and a draw, but a recent meetings or the uefa cup in 1997.
  • The ping jin match against South Korea - the final Zhang Jike was absent

    12, 14 PM, table tennis championships in 2017 - the final will be held between China and South Korea. China sent Malone, FanZhenDong, Xu Xin three people play, Zhang Jike absent. Malone played games for the first and the fifth, for the second and the fourth match FanZhenDong, Xu Xin SanChan, Zhang Jike today. Also use 3 out of 5 sets of final format, first against ZhangYu Town; The second face Li Shangzhu FanZhenDong, third Xu Xin to d...
  • Since the world championships in the world of China's 3 into the first 8 minutes of the palace Jin Jie missed

    Beijing time on the evening of April 12th, in Hongkong, China in 2017 the end of the world championships in the field of the first day of competition, in the three finals, the Chinese team into the top eight. Which Guo Shuang / Lin Junhong combination of women's Team Racing fourth, Xu Chao, and the combination of the men's team of the team winning the race in the early morning of, the group of eighth. JJ Lin won the runner up two times, the partners were Gong Jinjie and bell angel.
  • Star village secretary corruption of poverty section The villagers had told him to "local tyrants"

    "Immunity", star village "sick" - changwu hong go home town village party branch secretary, the village committee director Han Yamin serious discipline problems In changwu county, shaanxi province hong go home town village, the villagers have never seen the old township Han Yamin, he himself was said to have been unwilling to meet acquaintances. The offence was about 2015. Because of the greed of poverty section, then the village party branch secretary, the village committee director hana...